Anonymous said: Want us to mail in and ask for your blog to be restored? I have no doubt the stuff is SOMEWHERE, the staff just can't be bothered without a lot of pressure.

If you want to do that, it would help a lot. 

coeus-corporation said: I just read that 75% of lesbians in America are obese. I just...what? I think you said you're in Canada so I wonder if it's similar situation up there.


I can’t give an exact number but from personal experience it is lower than that.  I dunno, maybe I’m just not noticing the obese lesbians? 

According to a very strict and small study of 67,000 Massachusetts residents between the ages of 18 and 64. 



BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive picture of the man who recently wrote threats to Anita Sarkeesian on twitter.

He has been identified by a female police officer as Aneto Serkaasien, the CEO of the Men’s Rights Movement and president of 4chan. The (female) police officer, who conveniently asked to remain anonymous (even though she is a very brave woman), claims that Aneto is very dangerous and armed with weapons of mass misogyny.  

Word on the street is that this guy’s computer was found to have Anita’s social media passwords (including her Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter), MP4s of all her videos along with clips cut from her videos and clips yet to be shown in upcoming videos. Every document and picture on his computer matches those on Anita’s perfectly and the man was arrested in his house which has the exact same Address as Anita’s.

Truly a strange set of sexist coincidences. Oddly enough once this man was apprehended, Anita was no longer available to comment. 

scarletdelusions said: You'll get past it. Reorganizing shit will suck but you're still a logical asshole so you'll manage and the educated snark will be back full force. In the mean time I support you posting drunk, it holds potential for fantastic evening entertainment.

I’ll drink to that. 

If there’s a better mashup, I have not heard it yet.

I’m not sorry for all the shit posting following this.

Ask me Anything


Gonna get drunk tonight.  Why?  Because I can.

Open to anything.

I’m already half way down a spacebag.

You know what sucks most about having your account deleted?

When your posts have links that direct people to another post you made with sources and it’s no longer there. *sigh*






yeah, but who statistically won World War Two for America? The women. The women stepped up because they were NEEDED, not even wanted by the US. And they were doing a hell of a good job. They stepped up because, yeah all the men where out fighting in the war, but the woman made all the weapons and ammo that the men needed to even be able to fight. Without us, the war would be lost. if us women weren’t around then or now, the world would be a different place. We are needed. But not just that. We may have gotten the right to fucking vote, but we are fighting to be WANTED. And not as sex toys or objects. We aren’t here to be your fucking cook. We want to be respected as equals, wanted as people, as citizens. So cut the bullshit and end this sexism. I’m not afraid of the word feminist, and I’ll shout my beliefs off of every rooftop until I’m heard. So fuck you and your sexist beliefs.

I’m a woman, and I am strong.

This girl is just too stupid to insult and listen to her with the old relic feminist talking points from 1880.

You are aware that soldiers aren’t all that’s involved in winning a war right? Like a country needs to be able to produce arms and armaments to fight. So yeah the men might have died in battle, but who stepped up and kept America’s economy functioning so that the country could survive? Hell let me go further, the war was won by Russia, in which women fulfilled many battlefield roles too. Germany however decided to use slave labour instead of employing women and how did they go? That’s right they lost didn’t they?
Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

You are aware that not all men went to war and still worked in factories, right? Women were only hired because of a shortage of men doing those jobs and not all factories even hired women. Less than 30% of women even accounted for labor jobs in the United States during both wars. Here are hard numbers of men and women working in factories during WWII, men being over 40,000 in all years and women being under 20,000 in all years.

Less than 5 million men fought in WWI and an estimated 16.1 million men fought in WWII. So it should be pretty fucking clear that all men didn’t go off to war and many still worked in factories, so the war effort cannot be attributed only to women entering the labor sector. It was a shared effort but not at all equally because men were still doing more at 70% of the work.

It should also be noted that child labor laws were changed in states so 1.9 million teenagers could work in factories.

Sure, women did help in the war effort but they were not forced to work or to fight and die in combat. In fact, Geraldine Hoff Doyle, aka Rosie the Riveter, quit her job after only two weeks of work.

Must have been nice to just quit because you didn’t like what you were doing.

There were only 800,000 enlisted women who fought in the Soviet Armed Forces out of a total 11,365,000 Soviet soldiers and they didn’t all fight on the front-line as many were relegated to the rear and domestic duties. But those female soldiers who did make it to combat were so unprepared for the harsh conditions of war and military life that they resorted to desertion and suicide.

As for Germany, there were 500,000 German women who volunteered for military service and served as part of the SS, uniformed auxiliary units, and defensive positions.

Aw, did I just destroy your precious misconceptions of history? Yeah, sit down and shut the fuck up, you’re a fucking idiot.



RAINN has officially dismantled feminist rape culture hysteria. You people have no ground to stand on anymore. Your bullshit is over.

My issue is not in the argument but in the interpretation. It assumes that culture does not encourage and or discourage people and or events to take place.

While I believe that rapists are the individuals at fault, I feel it impossible to argue that systematic environmental issues (such as the acceptance of silence as consent and the idea that a woman must be fully clothed at all times) are not contributing to this pandemic.

If you read the entire piece, it moreover says that rape culture is a factor. Yet, the blame should be solely on the rapist. No one is saying it shouldn’t. An individual is committing a crime.

However, it’s foolish to interpret this as a dismissal of culture. That would be the very equivalent of saying the sale of guns in society has no impression on gun violence. One pushes the other. While the person who shoots is inevitably at fault, there is something to be said about where they got the gun to begin with.

Its like you people can’t even fucking read.

If you read the entire piece, it moreover says that rape culture is a factor.” 

Well, I did read the entire paper a couple times over and didn’t find anything supporting that culture was a factor. In fact, culture is only mentioned four times and three of those times was dismissing culture as a factor. The fourth was a quote by a faculty member.

Your stupid hysteria bullshit ends here. It is over. You no longer get to trivialize the vicious sexual assault of men and women to validate your victim complex.