"American feminism is currently dominated by a group of women who desperately seek to convince women that they are not free nor happy." -Christina Hoff-Sommers in Who Stole Feminism? (via womenagainstfeminism)
Anonymous said: Just thought I should let you know that the "rape is a social construct sign" might be fake. I've seen two images of that woman with the sign the one you posted and one that says "slut is a social construct". I'm no photoshop expert so I don't know which is real and I don't know what's the original source. Both are pretty dumb but the slut one is at least less worrisome than the other.

I did an image search for the one I posted and only came up with results for that one, so I assumed it was real. Thanks for letting me know.


"The nicest Satanic cult in the world" gets a little creative.


based on this lovely exchange which is also not the first incidence of some feminists taking it upon themselves to mock and devalue the groups of people they are supposedly in support of

but thats how (tumblr grade, 3rd wave) feminism works right

Oh my god there’s scenesters everywhere
With their hair gel and their vintage t-shirts
Why didn’t the Shins come to Phoenix?
And why didn’t Mirah come to Phoenix?

Because the Modified is too small
And the Marquis is too big
And the Complex is rightfully dead
And the hipsters with their snide comments and aversion to applause

Oh my god hardcore kids everywhere
With their hair gel and their color green
How do they look so good while their convictions remain so strong?

Because their hair gel that they use isn’t tested on animals
And their swallow tattoos are fucking lame
And cocaine is essentially vegan
And they don’t give a fuck anyway
They’re so vain, and yes, this song is about them

Oh my god post-hardcore kids everywhere
With their violence and pomposity
So fucking straight-edge getting high off of self-righteousness
And praying to a sideways cross
So urban, so infantile, so angry, so young, and so poor
They don’t need to use a crutch ‘cuz they’ve got the wheelchair

Oh my god there’s assholes everywhere
Pretentious fucking assholes everywhere
Oh my god there’s assholes everywhere
Pretentious judgmental assholes everywhere

I understand some things should not be said
But they piss you off so much it’s funny
The world you want to live in is a scary thought
You want to censor just about everyone
You claim to be against oppression
Yet you go around oppressing everyone
Based on their beliefs and occupations
You’re a fucking hypocrite but that’s just something you can’t admit
You lead a boring life
Trying to censor and belittle everyone that thinks differently than you
The world you want to live in is a scary thought
I don’t want to live in your P.C. world
Your P.C. world

What a fucking idiot.

EDIT: It appears that I made a mistake reblogging this. I did an image search for it to make sure it was authentic but only came back with results for this image and no other versions. Apparently the original says "slut is a social construct".